Johnny Depp’s doctor details treating him after Amber Heard severed his finger

 Johnny Depp’s doctor was called in to court on Monday where he recalled treating the actor after his ex-wife Amber Heard severed his finger in a fight in 2015, reported People.

In a deposition recorded on February 22 and played in a Fairfax, Virginia court on Monday, Dr. David Kipper shared that he wasn’t aware how Depp’s finger had been injured when he treated the wound in March 2015 in Australia.

The doctor was asked in the deposition about a text message exchange between him and Depp in which the actor had said that he cut his own finger. To this he said: “I think that’s what it said, yes.”

Kipper also shared that Depp had told an ER doctor that he’d cut his own finger with a knife.

He also categorically stated that he did not see any injuries on Heard at the time, and that Depp’s severed fingertip was found by a chef in their kitchen area.

According to Kipper’s testimony, he noticed broken glass in the former couple’s home but wasn’t aware where it had come from. He also said that “there was blood around the home.”

Depp has previously said that his finger was cut off when his ex-wife Heard “threw a large glass vodka bottle” at him, which hit his finger on a countertop, shattering and ultimately severing it.

Depp earlier claimed: “I had to have three surgeries to reconstruct my finger and contracted MRSA three times. I feared that I would lose my finger, my arm and my life.”

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